CORE & PIZZA Starter

Designed for Neapolitan pizza, from Core&Pizza Super comes the Core&Pizza Starter disc. A frefly, to give the pizza maker the moment of flame and heat he needs with the oven already at high temperature. To give a spark to the
flame and light to the oven.

Designed for professional use in pizza ovens and bakeries and for all wood-fred cooking.

  • High calorifc power
  • Chemical, physical and bacteriological analyses made by the Istituto Giordano (RN-ITA) printed on the packaging
  • Made in Extra-UE
  • EUTR compliant (reg. UE 995/10)
  • Emissions compliant with European regulations on discharges into the atmosphere
  • Compatible with use in food preparation environment according to H.A.C.C.P. standard (reg. UE 852/04)
  • Not subject to MOCA regulation (reg. UE 2023/06) or similar regulations for direct food contact
  • ISPM15 pallet by request
  • Possibility of loading in place of pallets of Core&Pizza
  • Super in the same truck/container

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